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Thinking about experimenting with AI. by timewisely

Hello there, I've been recently scouring some future project ideas. And I've come up with an idea that is quite interesting to me.

You see, I always had a strange fascination with AI and smart technology in general.

They are a great interest of mine, and I'd love to be able to understand how they work. I'd love to create an AI that is so smart that it essentially is able to learn from life.

I am the type of person who loves Science Fiction, especially in technology. People are scared for when robots become sentient, and take over the human race. I for one, am excited for this.

I know that the technology will eventually hit the point of sentience. And I'd love to create something of that nature.

I'd like to create AI that can be ported into a real world body, like an Android of some sort. I'd love to make it act like a real person, and grow like a real person.

It'd be so much joy to essentially raise what is a robot. I think this is what would cause real world sentience.

You see, if we in theory, gave an android baby all senses a human has, and give it the ability to learn, it is completely possible that we have just created what is life.

The machine would age, and it's knowledge would extend. It can learn to communicate, learn to socialize and play. It can learn to love, and desire.

It would be what we would finally want to know as, A sentient robot. This in theory, sounds simple.

But, in actuality, it is indeed, by far, absolutely not simple. But I stand by what is essentially my theory of robotics, in that, if we can create the general senses of a newborn baby; we can create people.

Imagine the world if robots become sentient. I know it's horrifying to some, but I genuinely love the idea of it.

One of my favorite games is Detroit: Become Human, a game about androids whom become sentient, and fight for civil rights.

It is exciting what the world may come up with.
- Chloe

Posted @ 2022-07-21 02:57:03