TimeWisely Experiments

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Totally not a rick roll. This was made using "GitHub Copilot"

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How Cool am I?

This is an online app that tells you how cool you are using fancy mathematics. Also known as: rand(0,100); Also made with the help of GitHub Copilot.

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AMUS is an update software I wrote, this way I can easily update people who download apps that I made. It is currently being replaced with AMUSv2.

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Convert images into Data URI format at ease.

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Random Image

Shows you a Random Image.

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The TimeWisely Lounge

My first VRChat world!

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I made a blog site!

I made a blog! Don't worry, that doesn't mean this site will die!

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YouTube Video Downloader

Check out my newest experiment, a YouTube video Downloader! 100% free, and no credits required. However, this might not be hosted forever, since it does have some legal issues. Website powered with yt-dlp.

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