TimeWisely Experiments

Welcome to TimeWisely Experiments.
My name is Chloe. I'm an aspiring web developer / software engineer. I'm currently learning how to code and I plan to share my experiments with you on this site. I hope you enjoy.

About Me:
I was diagnosed with ADHD and Autism, alongside Mutism at birth.
I found it hard to cope, so I decided to learn how to code.
As you would, of course, but something stuck with me, and I have been doing this for roughly
5 years now.
I'm currently looking to seek higher education, or to try and get a spot in a good college when i'm older.

But right now, I'm still young. I'd like to stay that way until i'm forced to grow old.
I will just be here, writing code, sharing it with people, and learning along the way.
I hope you enjoy my site.


The Skin Yoinker

This little website allows you to view and download Minecraft skins easily.


Example for The Skin Yoinker

The Seizure Indducer

I created a little experiment on Github, check it out! It is called "The Seizure Inducer" and, it has a LOT of flashing lights, it's like a party. WARNING: Flashing Lights!


Example for The Seizure Indducer

YouTube Video Downloader

Check out my newest experiment, a YouTube video Downloader! 100% free, and no credits required. However, this might not be hosted forever, since it does have some legal issues. Website powered with yt-dlp.


Example for YouTube Video Downloader

Current Focus:

Blog And News

Happy thanksgiving!

POSTED: 2022-11-24 20:20:22 | View

Happy thanksgiving everyone! If you're from the states or you celebrate thanksgiving, I hope you have a wonderful day!... Read More

I have created a new blog (again)

POSTED: 2022-11-16 20:19:47 | View

As time goes on, I feel like I realized something, I know it sounds silly, but, I think I want to break away from my TimeWisely persona, as I feel like it may just not be the best idea to be myself in games and whatnot, I also like a new name I came up with, and I just think it would be smarter to just move some stuff around.

I have decided that I will no longer go by TimeWisely on anything outside of YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, Twitter, etc, The new name I choose... Read More

I made a YouTube Downloader.

POSTED: 2022-09-22 21:57:56 | View

Hello, so, I made a YouTube video Downloader, because sometimes, I'd like to download videos from YouTube, I figured, "Hey, others might want this too!"

So, I made this website > https://experiments.timewisely.net/experiments/YouTube-Downloader/ check it out!

it's free, easy, and it converts mp4, mp3, and... Read More

Thinking about experimenting with AI.

POSTED: 2022-07-21 02:57:03 | View

Hello there, I've been recently scouring some future project ideas. And I've come up with an idea that is quite interesting to me.

You see, I always had a strange fascination with AI and smart technology in general.

They are a great interest of mine, and I'd love to be able to understand how they work. I'd love to create an AI that is so smart that it essentially is able to learn from life.

I am the type of person who loves Science Fiction, especially in technology.... Read More

Finally finished the Mailing List! (I think...)

POSTED: 2022-07-09 03:31:16 | View

Hello! I finally completed what I think it is a functional mailing list!
I say that I think, because I am unsure how it will work in full swing. In practice, it seems like it will work fine. But I worry that maybe, it might start flagging emails as spam or something. But, Who knows.

It was a strange setup, but I like it nonetheless. I unfortunately couldn't figure out how to create HTML encoded emails, so, I opted to use regular formatting. I think that doesn't make too much of a... Read More

I made my first VRChat World!

POSTED: 2022-06-17 15:07:44 | View

I made my first VRChat world, Called the TimeWisely Lounge. It is a world where you can Hang Out with your friends, and well, your mates and whatnot, wanna check it out?

Click down... Read More

Hello, Welcome to my site.

POSTED: 2022-05-21 18:31:12 | View

My name is Chloe. Welcome to my site, and thank you for visiting.
Here I post new experiments every so often. As well as a blog post alongside it.

I will be here posting new content, And you can be here to enjoy it.

Wanna join the mailing list?
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