TimeWisely Experiments

People found this site by timewisely

Neat! People according to sources, stumbled upon this site.
Hello new people!

But, these aren't your regular people, these are... A**HOLES! These assholes are here on my site, with an agenda.

They are mad because of my tendency to give false information on the internet that I am a 10 year old to a bunch of grown men over the age of 40.

Their quite mad about this, and are obsessed with my age. Ladies and gents, Is this what it's like for pedophiles to be attacking me?

Men who are this old, obsessed with a little girl, are honestly quite creepy. You're not my dad, friend, you should leave me to my own devices.

It's kind of silly, because I am just here to make dumb experiments. It is unfortunate how such a site like this one, is just an innocent little place for me to leave posts.

Why must people treat something so simple with such acts? I did nothing to these guys, I'm suddenly their #1 target. It is strange, I never had this much attention. Not even with my dad.

But for me to be the target of the demons scouring my website, is a bit scary. Think about this, their literally spying on a child. Funnily enough, they knew of this site before I even announced it.

You know what that means? That's right, they browsed my DNS records! They found this site with the DNS server, I thought that was private, guess not! Oh well!

So, Yeah, Hi to the creepy old men spying on my website, I encourage you to leave, because this isn't right. It is worth mentioning that I know a police officer, and despite what I said in that chat the other day, I will get him to look into you.

It's worth mentioning, that this site is monitored by my family, what I post is monitored and everything. It's pretty cool, a safe site right here. But my point is, we can see whoever connects to the site.

Your user agent and fingerprint, IP, all of that. It is not something we will do by default, but considering how much stuff i've been getting harassed with recently, I will be sure to pass this information onto the police.

So, bare that in mind. Thank you.


Posted @ 2022-07-08 18:45:41